Spatial Data Management

Unlimited data management with GeolinQ

GeolinQ is the data management software platform to collect, process and apply spatial data in an efficient and flexible way.

Discover the strength of geo-data management and chain integration with GeolinQ for your organization.

  • Relevant, up-to-date information products for every user
  • Work data-driven instead of map-driven
  • Integration of work processes from data collection to data applications
  • Integration with existing data sources and applications through open standards and interfaces
  • Custom GIS applications and cost reduction through configuration (no-code)
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Application configuration

The GeolinQ platform enables the realization of custom applications with minimal effort by configuring the data model , screens , processes and services.

Nature value map
Maaibestekken (Dutch)
Employee Risk Management
Keyregistrations (Dutch)
BRO data delivery (Dutch)
Ground deformation (Dutch)
GNSS measurements
City programming (Dutch)
WIBON Network provider portal
WIBON Civil engineers portal
Your application?

IntellinQ provides training and workshops to get started with GeolinQ. IntellinQ also offers an iterative project approach for realizing custom GIS applications.

Discover the options and convenience of GeolinQ for your GIS applications.

  • Customize, configure and share applications yourself without the need of supplier intervention
  • Configure new GIS applications without development risks and short lead times
  • Deploy multiple applications on the same platform at no extra cost
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Meet our customers and learn from their experience with GeolinQ.

Discover the strength and possibilities of GeolinQ for your organisation.

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