Spatial Data Management

REST Service

GeolinQ allows the configuration of REST services in order to access and edit the data stored in GeolinQ. Every application can potentially access and edit data stored in GeolinQ by using configurable HTTP requests and configurable response formats like JSON, XML en GML. The configured REST interface is exported according to the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) to publish the documentation of the REST service direct to the developers using the REST service.

Configurable REST service

The REST service of GeolinQ consists of configurable HTTP requests often recognized as REST endpoints. The HTTP method (POST, PUT, GET etc.), the URL parameters and the query parameters are configured for a REST endpoint in GeolinQ. De URL and query parameters are directly mapped to the attributes of a dataset. Configurable JSON or XML formats are applied on the request or the response of the REST endpoint. The import- and export formats are fully configurable and are mapped to datasets in GeolinQ in order to allow that the dataset in GeolinQ may be accessed or edited in every possible format.

OpenAPI Specification (OAS)

The documentation or specification of a REST API in general is of great importance for developers who desire to use the REST API. The OpenAPI Specification (OAS) offers a standard to document a REST API. GeolinQ allows to export the configuration of a REST service in a text file according to the OAS 3.0 standard in the YAML or JSON format. As a result each configured GeolinQ REST service is instantly documented and ready to use.