Spatial Data Management

Partnership Nieuwland and IntellinQ 

An enormous amount of data sources is available nowadays varying from international standardized key registrations like INSPIRE to internally owned data sources. In addition open data, IoT, satellite and laser scanning data acquisition innovations are more and more available and useable.  

The challenge nowadays is to manage and process available data to key information for employees day-to-day work. 

Maarten van der Hoek (Nieuwland Geo-Informatie), Boris van Luipen and Milan Uitentuis (IntellinQ)

From geodata to geo information

Nieuwland and IntellinQ join forces to offer a total solution to their customers. By partnering together the full value chain from collection, managing and visualization of the data is offered.  

IntellinQ is focused on spatial data management. The company develops the web-based GeolinQ solution. Software to link, manage, integrate and publish spatial data in an efficient and flexible way. GeolinQ covers the complete value chain from import to the distribution of data. Data from various sources –including key registrations- is linked by a flexible data model and is immediately available for visualization and publication.

Nieuwland is focused on the visualization of geographic information and data appliances for the day-to-day work of end-users. For this the online WebGIS Publisher is developed. In addition a range of apps (WebGIS App) is available to support specialized workflows even further.

The software solutions of both companies are easy to integrate with third party solutions.  

Integraded data levery

Integrating the best available data -from external en internal origin- effectively in enterprise information processes can be quite difficult for organizations.

The partnership of Nieuwland and IntellinQ aligns technology as well as experience to offer effective solutions for integrated data delivery.    

The solutions of both companies are web based, flexible scalable, open and complementary to each other. IntellinQ solutions focus on flexible and efficient data management. Nieuwland solutions focus on data visualization and data appliances to end-users.   

Nieuwland and IntellinQ both offer qualified and experienced consultants to implement and configure the software products effectively. By partnering together an efficient and correct data integration of our clients is guaranteed.