Spatial Data Management

Partnership SevenCs and IntellinQ 

IntellinQ and SevenCs have recently joined their forces and signed a cooperation agreement in order to develop, promote and support an integrated solution for nautical chart production.

The combined workflow of the companies’ most advanced products - GeolinQ (IntellinQ) and ENC Bathymetry Plotter (SevenCs) facilitates a highly automated tool for both hydrographic data management (web-based) and chart production. It allows for producing depth contours and selected soundings for ENCs from seamless data models that can be exported from the GeolinQ hydrographic database. The SPS (Seamless Point Surface) concept in GeolinQ ensures that the best available data is automatically selected to produce the contours and soundings in ENC Bathymetry plotter.

Implementation of this solution will minimize the manual work, significantly improve the data quality and reduce costs.

SevenCs from Hamburg is well known for its variety of software products and solutions related to electronic navigation and nautical chart production.

The Rotterdam based company IntellinQ is a specialist for spatial data management and de GeolinQ software solution.