Spatial Data Management

GeolinQ solutions

GeolinQ is a generic data management platform and can be applied in many markets and industries. Custom data management applications can be configured by end-users to create a perfect fit for every specific market and industry. These specific applications can be stored and shared within the organization and when applicable with other organizations in a market of industry. Configurations can be exported and imported in other GeolinQ tenants.

Standard configurations

There are several standard configurations available. These standard configurations can be used as a base and changed or extended to meet client specific specifications.

Training and services to configure applications

IntellinQ offers training to enable users configuring data management applications in GeolinQ. In addition configuration services can be delivered to organizations that want to outsource the configuration of applications.

When outsourcing configuration work to IntellinQ one or more workshops with end-users are organized to understand, describe the requirements of the needed application. Based on the requirements a budget estimate is made. IntellinQ configures GeolinQ and implements the solution. Training is offered to users to work with the application and configure changes and extensions.