Spatial Data Management

GeolinQ 1.0 now available

With the introduction of GeolinQ 1.0 all functionality is available to cover the complete value chain from import to the distribution of data and deploy GeolinQ easily for organizations. Data from various sources is linked by data models and is immediately available for visualization and publication.

REST and other new functionality in GeolinQ 1.0  

In version 1.0 the following new functionality is introduced:

  • REST interface. REST services allow third-party applications to access and use the data stored in GeolinQ. The REST service is based on the structure of the GeolinQ application and follows the authentication principles of GeolinQ. As a result the GeolinQ REST service is easy to use and to configure.
  • The use of XSD's to be able to integrate public data sources like the Cadastral Key Registration and the key register addresses and real estate information in the Netherlands. The offered functionality can also be used for further XSD described datastandards like INSPIRE.
  • Link datasets from various data sources to new datasets and distribute the results in order to provide new insights or comply with national and international standards
  • Task management to schedule and monitor processes in GeolinQ or third party executables.    

With the introduction of the new functionality GeolinQ makes a further step in data integration.