Spatial Data Management

GeolinQ 1.2.0 introduces Seamless Point Surface

GeolinQ 1.2.0 introduces the Seamless Point Surface dataset driver. The Seamless Point Surface (SPS) driver offers functionality for automatic and flexible compilation of seamless data models based on multiple point cloud and raster datasets. With this new option  GeolinQ 1.2.0. offers extended functionality to cover the complete value chain from import to the distribution of data and deploy GeolinQ easily for organizations. Data from various sources is linked by data models and is immediately available for visualization and publication.

Seamless Point Surface (SPS) dataset driver   

Functionality to combine administrative and feature data from different datasets were already available in GeolinQ. The Seamless Point Surface (SPS) dataset driver functionality extends the functionality to combine also multiple point cloud and raster datasets to combined datasets. Based on the metadata attributes of the datasets users can configure priority rules. Based on these rules the overlap between the datasets are removed and the hull of the datasets in the SPS determined resulting to the best available data on any location.

Only the footprints of the datasets in the SPS are stored in GeolinQ eliminating redundant storage of point coloud and raster data. This allows fast SPS updating when datasets are added or removed.  More SPS information.