Spatial Data Management

GeolinQ 1.4.1 available

A number of major new functionalities is introduced in GeolinQ version 1.4.1. Style configuration in maps and services is now compliant to the Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) of the OGC. Functionality is available to import, use, edit and export dataset SLD’s. With this GeolinQ is the first web-based solution with an integrated SLD editor. In edition functionality is introduced to export multiple datasets simultaneously for the same area including the metadata of the exported datasets. All polygons stored in GeolinQ can be used for this area selection.

Next to the introduction of the two major features concerning the use of SLD’s and multi-data export GeolinQ release 1.4.1 has more new functionality and improvements to offer. Examples of additional new functionalities are:  

  • Export of maps as a pdf file with the option to include a map border
  • Configuration of end-user owned WMS or WMTS map layers in published maps
  • Configuration of end-user owned ‘Sketch layers where objects can be drawn by users
  • Extension of the Client Portal Style Sheet configuration with the option to add an attribution text and URL to every map and .pdf file export of maps.
  • Configuration of a default map in client portals

With the introduction of release 1.4.1 application possibilities and added value of GeolinQ are further increased offering full integration of data styling in data management and easy sharing of data and maps.