Spatial Data Management

Integration with the MarXact GNSS positioning receivers

MarXact is the provider of the most universal, cost-efficient receiver on the market, making centimetre accurate positioning possible.  The MarXact GNSS receiver can now be seamless integrated GeolinQ. Any dataset varying from road, cable, tree and cadastral data can be checked and optimised with live centimetre accurate data measured with the UNI-GR1.  

Seamless integration

Combining GeolinQ and the UNI-GR1, you can let any of your team members survey the work done. With the simple environment, built-in validations on accuracy and time, it makes sure that anyone can do the job. Simply turn on the UNI, select your UNI in the GeolinQ environment, select the attribute in the GeolinQ environment, level the UNI above a point you want to measure and click to save the UNI's location data to that attribute.

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