Spatial Data Management

Getting Started

Start using GeolinQ and discover how data drive applications are configured and deployed to end-users using the platform.


The essentials training is offers the needed insights of the core GeolinQ concepts and understanding of core functionality of the software. Organizations purchasing a training to start with GeolinQ are now offered a free GeolinQ as a Service Start environment for a period of a month to start with a production environment of the solution.

Outsource application configuration

Another option is to hire us to configure applications. Get in contact to discuss the requirements of the needed application and we will sent a quotation for the needed work. Mostly we are able to demonstrate a base configuration in short term which we use as a base to discuss the further configuration, maintenance and training. We use an agile approach for configuration with weekly reports to align the application optimal to the end-users.


All GeolinQ users with active support and maintenance can access the Support Portal using login/password authorization. In addition to all support QA also the software license, software releases and configured GeolinQ Datasources are available as downloads.