Spatial Data Management


The Dutch key register addresses and real estate information (BAG) registers key attributes of all addresses and buildings in the Netherlands. Examples of attributes are location, year of construction, footprint and end use category.

Local authorities are the source data holders of the BAG. Copies of these local registrations are collected in a nationwide register, in Dutch called Landelijke Voorziening (LV) controlled by the Dutch Cadastre. The Dutch Cadastre provides all data to public authorities and a subset to private enterprises and the citizens.

BAG for public authorities

A configured LV-BAG datasource is available for GeolinQ users. Public authorities can easily download and update the BAG using the Generic Download Service (GDS) of the Cadastre interface. Data is exchanged as XML files. The geometry is encoded in GML. This interface is secured and only available for public entities. 

BAG for private entities

A subset of the BAG is available as open data. The Dutch Cadastre provides a free to use up-to-date subset of the BAG as a Web Feature Service via The subset is updated on a daily basis. A configured BAG datasource is available for GeolinQ users to select an area of interest, harvest BAG data from WFS and integrate with other datasets.