Spatial Data Management


The key register in the Netherlands for large scale topography, the Basisregistratie Grootschalige Topografie (BGT), records locations and defines characteristics of many objects like buildings, roads, waterways, lakes, railways, pavement and parks nationwide.

Local governments, provinces and waterbodies provide parts of the data in cooperation with the Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Public Works and Prorail. Each source data holder is responsible for their part of the national wide dataset.  A foundation named Stichting Samenwerkingsverband Bronhouders BGT (SVB-BGT) is responsible for the coordination of all participants and data integration.

BGT using GeolinQ

The BGT is open data and is available from The PDOK portal is a collaboration between the Dutch Cadastre, the Ministries of Infrastructure and Environment, Economic Affairs, Public works and Geonovum. The BGT can be downloaded as GML files and is updated on a daily basis.

GeolinQ provides a GeolinQ data source to import BGT files downloaded from PDOK. The imported BGT datasets can be queried and linked to other datasets enabling full integration of the BGT.   

Discover the strength of BGT integration with GeolinQ.

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