Spatial Data Management


The Cadastral Key Registration, in Dutch Basis Registratie Kadaster (BRK), is a nationwide register of all property rights on real estate and land parcels. The BRK records the location of cadastral parcels and up-to-date information of the beneficiary of the real estate and land parcels. In addition the BRK registers the boundaries of the Netherlands, the provinces and local authorities. The Dutch Cadastre is the data source holder and distributor of the BRK.    

BRK as a datasource

The BRK property rights on real estate and land parcels are available to organisations with a BRK subscription. BRK subscriptions can bebe purchased at the Dutch Cadastre. GeolinQ offers configured BRK datasource with functionality to download and update BRK data through the Generic Download Service of the Dutch Cadastre. Data is exchanged as XML files. The geometry is encoded in GML. 

Detailed information concerning BRK as a datasource in GeolinQ is available (in Dutch only) via: BRK tutorial on GeolinQ support .

BRK cadastral map as a datasource

The location of cadastral parcels is available as open data. The Dutch Cadastre publishes this dataset as a Web Feature Service at Data is updated on a daily basis. GeolinQ offers a configured BRK datasource to harvest cadastral parcels for a selected area of interest. Harvested data can be integrated with other datasets.